Message from the President & CEO

Seikagaku will steadily implement the high-priority strategies in the mid-term management plan in its final year.

Seikagaku formulated the Seikagaku Corporation Ten-Year Vision in March 2009 with the goal of developing as a "Global Category Pharma" that establishes international competitiveness by focusing its research and development activities on glycoscience. We launched a three-year mid-term management plan in April 2016 as the final step of the Ten-Year Vision. In the fiscal year ending March 31, 2019, the final year of the plan, we are working to successfully complete implementation of the high-priority strategies in the plan.


In the first half of the fiscal year, we began sales in Japan of HERNICORE, a treatment for lumbar disc herniation that is a cornerstone of the high-priority strategies. We are currently working together with the sales partner to strive for a phased rollout of HERNICORE, paying attention to promoting its appropriate use and ensuring safety. We are conducting a Phase III clinical trial (additional study) in the U.S. of SI-6603, a treatment for lumbar disc herniation, and will continue efforts to obtain approval at an early date. Furthermore, new product development is steadily progressing. For instance, in May 2018, we initiated a pilot study for SI-449, an adhesion barrier.

Although the market environment for domestic pharmaceuticals has become increasingly difficult due to National Health Insurance drug price revisions implemented in April 2018, we will continue to lay the foundation for further growth by implementing the high-priority strategies and improving the earnings structure.

Improving Shareholder Value

We are working to improve shareholder value through the evolution of Seikagaku as a "Global Category Pharma." Our management policies will also continue to emphasize the maintenance of confidence in Seikagaku.

Seikagaku strives to increase shareholder value through sustained growth. In the coming years, we will continue to seek the trust of all our stakeholders including shareholders.
We look forward to the continuing support and understanding of our stakeholders including shareholders.

December 2018
Ken Mizutani
President & CEO