Basic Policy on Sustainability

Seikagaku Corporation, guided by the core values expressed in the Motto “Creativity, Fairness, Dreams and Passion,” aims to sustainably develop together with society by living up to its Creed: “We create safe and useful products for human well-being with basic research based on glycoscience.” 


In undertaking this, we meet the expectations of our diverse stakeholders and practice behaviors aimed at creating fair and honest relationships on the basis of high corporate ethical standards that reflect profound awareness of our social mission and responsibilities as a life sciences company.


On the basis of these ideals, Seikagaku seeks to grow as a company that is valued by the world by providing a stable supply of truly useful, high-quality products created from innovative R&D activities and will contribute to the health and well-being of people around the world by working toward the sustainable development of the Earth and society. 

Six Initiatives for Sustainable Development of Society and Enhancement of Corporate Value

  1. Creation of truly useful pharmaceuticals and medical devices
  2. Provision of a stable supply of pharmaceuticals and medical devices of guaranteed quality
  3. Expansion of healthcare access and appropriate provision of high-quality medical information
  4. Fair and ethical business activities and strengthening of corporate governance
  5. Promotion of diversity and development of human resources 
  6. Engagement in environmentally friendly corporate activities

Sustainability Promotion Structure

Seikagaku has designated the president and CEO as the person responsible for promotion of sustainability-related activities and established the Sustainability Promotion Committee, which is chaired by the director in charge of Corporate Strategy, HR, F&A and Corporate Staff. The committee discusses the policy on sustainability-related activities, promotion measures, and other sustainability-related matters and verifies and assesses progress toward objectives. Important matters are reported on and considered at meetings of the Board following deliberation by the Management Committee.