Seikagaku pursues respect for learning by engaging in global research assistance and sponsoring activities that support the development of glycoscience.

Glycoforum , a website for comprehensive information on glycoscience research

Since 1997, Seikagaku has operated “Glycoforum~{®},” an academic website that shares information about research findings to contribute the development of glycoscience which is one of Seikagaku’s areas of specialization.

As a portal site for glycoscience information, the website promptly disseminates science paper information, including commentary from global leading researchers and academic conference information. The site enjoys strong support from researchers in Japan and overseas, and was selected as one of the recommended websites by the worldwide scientific journal Nature Reviews.

Glycoforum  website
Glycoforum website

Support for the Mizutani Foundation for Glycoscience

The Mizutani Foundation for Glycoscience was established in 1992 with an endowment from the late Masakane Mizutani, former president of Seikagaku Corporation, for the purpose of contributing to the welfare of humanity through the advancement and development of glycoscience. The Foundation provides research grants to glycoscience researchers in Japan and overseas and supports conferences. In fiscal 2018, the Foundation provided research grants totaling approximately ¥75.6 million to 20 grant recipients. 

Seikagaku endorses the purpose of the Foundation and has continuously supported its activities since its founding.

Hiza Ikiiki (Sprightly Knees), a website for provision of information concerning knee osteoarthritis to the general public

Promoting early treatment of knee osteoarthritis

Some 30 million patients* in Japan are said to suffer from knee osteoarthritis, a disorder marked by knee joint strain due to aging, excessive exercise, or weight increase causing the cartilage gradually wear away. The Hiza Ikiiki website explains basic knowledge concerning knee osteoarthritis, diagnosis, and treatment methods in an easy to understand way and gives information on nearby medical institutions that operate outpatient clinics and provide treatment for knee pain. Visitors can also download a pamphlet “Exercise therapy of knee osteoarthritis”.

We will provide correct knowledge to people with knee pain and further enhance website content to enable greater numbers to promptly obtain appropriate treatment.

* “Locomotive Disorder Countermeasures to Promote Preventive Care,” a report from the Ministry of Health, Labour, and Welfare” issued in 2008

Hiza Ikiiki website
Hiza Ikiiki website