Basic Policy

Seikagaku Corporation believes it is essential to appropriate protect intellectual property related to our technologies, products and other business in order to remain competitive and continue enriching health and quality of life through the creation and supply of unique, high quality pharmaceuticals and medical devices. Seikagaku views intellectual property as an important management resource and engages in intellectual property-related activities on a global basis.

Intellectual Property Strategy

Seikagaku has an Intellectual Property Department that operates under the direction of the Research & Development Division. Working closely with research and development sections involved in drug creation and other relevant Divisions such as Business Development and Production, the Intellectual Property Department conducts activities related to intellectual property (patents, designs, trademarks, copyright, knowhow, etc.) all over the world. 

One of the Intellectual Property Department’s main activities is to “contribute to Seikagaku’s business though the protection and utilization of intellectual property.” For example, the department strategically files patent applications to acquire rights, using not only substance patents to protect pharmaceutical compounds but also patents for applications, formulations, and intermediates to protect products and ensure our competitive advantage. Moreover the department takes appropriate steps, including legal action, against infringements of Seikagaku’s intellectual property and imitation pharmaceuticals.  

“Ensuring that Seikagaku can conduct business freely and safely” is another important activity. The department investigates intellectual property rights held by third parties and prevents infringements of third-party rights, ensuring that Seikagaku respects third-party intellectual property rights and gives them due consideration.