The Seikagaku Corporate Report 2018 is an integrated report containing both financial data and information about environmental, social and governance (ESG) initiatives. Non-financial information includes the history of our growth, our value creation processes, and initiatives in various business areas. This report was created with the aim of providing stakeholders with a fuller understanding of our business activities and the value provided by Seikagaku Corporation. 

Corporate Report2018

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Individual Chapters

1.Philosophy 2. Our History 3. Value Creation
4. Top Message 5. Business Activities and products 
6. Review of Operations 

7. Research and Development 8. Production 9. Mrketing 
10. Quality Compliance 11. Human Resources 

12. Corporate Governance 13. Social Contribution Activities 
14.Business Risks 15. Financial・Non-Financial Highlights 
16. Corporate Date 17. Stock Information