Biodiversity Policy

Recognizing the importance of biodiversity in business as a life sciences company, Seikagaku Corporation strives for biodiversity preservation and the sustainable use of biological resources.

1.Corporate management that gives consideration to biodiversity 

We practice corporate management that gives consideration to biodiversity by identifying impacts that business activities have on biodiversity throughout the supply chain and striving to minimize impacts.


2.Biodiversity preservation through environmental impact reduction

We strive to reduce environmental impacts that have a deleterious effect on biodiversity by engaging in climate change alleviation, pollution prevention, resource recycling, and effective use of energy and water. 


3.Raising awareness of biodiversity preservation

We strive to raise awareness of biodiversity preservation and contribute to creating a society that fosters biodiversity through communication with stakeholders.


4.Legal compliance

We comply with the laws and regulations of various countries and regions and agreements and strive for the fair use of biological resources, including genetic resources.


5.Information sharing

We proactively disclose our own activities related to biodiversity preservation.

June 15, 2022

President & CEO

(Approved at a Board of Directors meeting held on June 15, 2022)

Horseshoe Crab Conservation Activities of Associates of Cape Cod, Inc.

Since Seikagaku’s U.S. subsidiary Associates of Cape Cod, Inc. (ACC) manufactures and sells reagents* using a substance extracted from horseshoe crab blood cells as a raw material, it continuously engages in horseshoe crab conservation activities to protect this precious natural resource. In addition to supporting the American horseshoe crab, in 2019, ACC began providing assistance for activities to maintain the population of Asian horseshoe crabs in the form of customized aquaculture equipment and training. Maintaining the population involves growing survivable juveniles produced by in vitro fertilization of sperm and eggs and releasing them into the natural environment. ACC has long engaged in this activity and accumulated related technology and expertise.


This assistance will be made available to academic institutions and private sector researchers around the world, and already had started with organizations in China and Malaysia. Organizations receiving assistance will be granted a license to use ACC proprietary technology and expertise free of charge, and they are provided customized tools, instruction in in vitro fertilization methods and training in the operation of highly efficient aquaculture equipment.


The number of American horseshoe crabs that ACC has released in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts exceeded 800,000 in 2020. The Seikagaku Group will continue to promote activities to conserve and sustain horseshoe crab populations worldwide, and strive to use this precious resource in a sustainable, responsible manner.


* Endotoxin-detecting reagents used in quality control for manufacturing processes of pharmaceuticals and medical devices

Released American horseshoe crabs
Released American horseshoe crabs
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