Creativity, Fairness,

Dreams and Passion


We create safe and useful products for human well-being with basic research based on glycoscience.


<Guidelines for Our Activities>

● We create a corporate environment of mutual trust and communication using individual abilities.
● We create innovative and useful products through in-depth cooperation between industrial and academic circles.
● We assure the highest quality and safety of our products.
● We enhance interaction with society by establishing genuine trust.

Through these efforts, Seikagaku will strive to become a sound and socially responsible company that protects the natural environment and improves quality of life.

Our Motto


Individual and corporate creativity are important for scientific advancement aimed at pursuit of truth. We can produce novel new products, new technologies, and new use of products by developing and applying unique and creative approaches, thus we can expect to achieve sound and stable corporate growth as a result of these efforts.


We will adhere to principles of fairness that are recognized worldwide, and through self-disciplines, will ensure we remain a company that is respected by society at large. Our "creativity" and our "dreams and passion" must be built on a foundation of fairness.

Dreams and Passion

We have high ambitions, and strive to achieve our dreams by working toward our ideals. This is the ultimate source of growth for our employees and our company.

Corporate Logo

The main motif of Seikagaku’s corporate logo is a chain,which symbolizes our decades-long commitment to sugar chain R&D. The closely interlocked links represents the strong bonds that exist between science and industry, between people and people, and between a rich natural environment and an enriching life. 
The links also symbolize Seikagaku’s emphasis on partnership with society.
The overall shape of the logo as an oval stretched toward the upper right represents Seikagaku’s corporate stance of aiming for infinite growth.
The blue brand color in the corporate logo symbolizes creativity and innovation, while the black projects an impression of strength.

Corporate Logo