Seikagaku Corporation recognizes that the global warming problem is a critical challenge facing the world and considers contributing to the realization of a sustainable society an important mission for companies. As a pharmaceutical company and as a member of society, Seikagaku aims to achieve balance between environmental measures and the company’s growth and implements initiatives to achieve business activities with low impact on the environment.

  1. Environment-friendly business activities
    We pursue environmental impact reduction in all aspects of our business activities and strive to continuously maintain and improve our environmental performance.
  2. Environmental impact reduction, biodiversity preservation
    We work to mitigate climate change and adapt to its impacts and to prevent pollution, recycle resources, effectively use energy and water resources, and preserve biodiversity.
  3. Legal compliance
    We engage in environmental protection activities in compliance with the environmental protection-related laws, regulations, conventions, and voluntary control standards of various countries and regions.
  4. Partnership with society
    We strive for environmental protection in partnership with all of our stakeholders, including our business partners.
  5. Education and awareness activities
    We work to increase the environmental consciousness of each individual employee through environment-related education and awareness activities.
  6. Information disclosure and communication
    We strive to earn the trust of society through disclosure of environment-related information and communication with local communities.

December 24, 2021

President & CEO

(Approved at a Board meeting held on December 23, 2021)