Seikagaku has two business segments, each with original and unique products: the Pharmaceutical business, and the LAL business for endotoxin-detecting reagents.

Pharmaceutical business


The Pharmaceutical business is Seikagaku’s core business segment. Seikagaku manufactures pharmaceuticals and medical devices with glycoconjugates, specifically, glycosaminoglycans (GAG) such as hyaluronic acid, as their main ingredient, as well as enzymes that act on GAG.

 ■Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices
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LAL Business


Seikagaku manufactures and sells endotoxin-detecting reagents in Japan and overseas. They are primarily used to test for endotoxins in pharmaceuticals and medical devices. The main products of the LAL business are endotoxin-detecting reagents made from limulus amebocyte lysate (LAL), which is extracted from the blood cells of horseshoe crabs. Endotoxins are one of the major components of the
outer membrane of gram-negative bacteria. Serious side effects can be triggered by endotoxin contamination of injectable pharmaceuticals, biological products, and medical devices, even with extremely minute quantities, due to their strong pyrogenetic

 ■Endotoxin-detecting reagents