Mid-term Management Plan (From Fiscal Year 2016 to Fiscal Year 2018)

"The Seikagaku Corporation Ten-Year Vision" (Our Goal)

The pharmaceutical industry is in a period of great transformation due to worsening fiscal crunch for medical services, large-scale realignment of pharmaceutical companies across national borders, technological innovation in drug discovery research accompanying intensification of competition in new drug development. In this business environment, Seikagaku established the Seikagaku Corporation Ten-Year Vision with the aim of developing as a “Global Category Pharma” in March 2009.

Outline of the mid-term management plan (Fiscal 2016 to Fiscal 2018)

In light of the accomplishments and the issues that remain under the previous management plan, Seikagaku has formulated a mid-term management plan covering the three-year period beginning in April 2016 as the final step toward achieving the Ten-Year Vision. Under the plan, Seikagaku will undertake further sales expansion in the U.S., a key market, and aim to launch in Japan and to obtain approval in the U.S. for SI-6603, treatment for lumbar disc herniation, and to enter new markets for existing products. To support these actions, Seikagaku will also strengthen production and quality control systems compliant with global standards.


Furthermore, Seikagaku will establish core technologies to enhance the drug discovery and drug cultivation pipeline that will lead to next-generation leap and will build a powerful research and development organization in preparation for further growth.

Mid-term Management Plan: Four High-Priority Strategies

Numerical Targets

Topics for Growth after Fiscal Year 2016

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