1. Basic policy and guidelines for information disclosure

The basic policy for information disclosure of Seikagaku Corporation (“Seikagaku”) is to provide consistent and reliable company information to capital market participants such as shareholders, investors and securities analysts, as well as to other stakeholders including customers and business partners, in a fair and timely manner. 


Seikagaku discloses information in accordance with the Companies Act, the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act and other laws and regulations and provisions on the timely disclosure of company information provided for in the Securities Listing Regulations of the listed exchange (“Timely Disclosure Rules, Etc.”). Even if the Timely Disclosure Rules, Etc. do not apply, Seikagaku discloses information that it believes will have a significant impact on investment decisions. However, Seikagaku does not disclose personal information, customer information and information that could be detrimental to the rights of the parties concerned. 


Information on pharmaceutical products, etc. (including those under development) included in disclosed information is not intended to constitute a     promotional advertisement or give medical advice.

2. Method of information disclosure

Seikagaku discloses information applicable to the Timely Disclosure Rules, Etc. on the timely disclosure network (“TDnet”) of the Tokyo Stock Exchange. Information published on TDnet is immediately posted on the website of Seikagaku. Seikagaku also discloses information not applicable to the Timely Disclosure Rules in a fair and timely manner using an appropriate method as needed. 

3. Handling of performance forecasts and future information

Information about the forward-looking statements regarding performance forecasts, management strategies, information on plans and research and development disclosed by Seikagaku is based on judgments made from information available to Seikagaku at that time. and include risks and uncertainties. Actual results, etc. may differ significantly from these kinds of future information due to various factors.

4. Quiet period

Seikagaku sets the period from the day following the closing date of quarterly results to the date of results announcement as a quiet period to prevent the leakage of financial information and ensure the fairness of information disclosure. During the quiet period, Seikagaku shall refrain from answering questions about financial results or making comments. However, Seikagaku shall respond to inquiries about information that has already been published. 
Even during the quiet period, if it has become likely that financial results forecasts will be significantly differed, Seikagaku shall disclose information in accordance with the Timely Disclosure Rules as necessary. 

5. Internal structure concerning information disclosure

Seikagaku shall operate the Disclosure Policy appropriately and build and maintain a system to implement appropriate information disclosure. At Seikagaku, the officer in charge of the Corporate Strategy, HR, F&A and Corporate Staff, who is the chief information manager, engages in the internal management and disclosure of important company information and shall consolidate information and make appropriate and prompt disclosure in accordance with the information disclosure regulations.