This website provides update information by RSS.
If you have an RSS-enabled browser or RSS reader, you can simply add a feed to automatically receive information whenever there is an update. 


※Notes on the Use of RSS

  • To use RSS, software such as "feed reader", "RSS reader" or web browser supporting RSS is required. 
  • Seikagaku does not answer inquiries about the use of RSS or methods of operation, functions, and operating environment of software provided by any third parties, including RSS readers and browsers.
  • Seikagaku may stop the RSS service for reasons such as system maintenance without prior notice and change the URL and/or contents of RSS feeds. 
  • Updates to the RSS information may not always coincide with the timing of announcement on the Seikagaku website. 
  • Except for permitted by the Japanese copyright law, you may not copy, display, download, distribute, modify, reproduce, republish, or retransmit the information in RSS feeds delivered from this website, or create any derivative work based on the content, without the express written consent of Seikagaku.