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Endotoxin-detecting Reagents

We develop endotoxin-detecting reagents to be used in quality control in the manufacturing process and release test of pharmaceuticals and medical devices.

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Reagents for quality control and release test

Reagents and Diagnostics

Strict quality control is required for pharmaceuticals and medical devices. Endotoxin-detecting reagents, which Seikagaku developed using its own technology, are mainly used in the manufacturing process for pharmaceuticals and medical devices, and also water quality control of dialysis solution for artificial dialysis

*Endotoxin: one of cell wall components of Gram-negative bacteria.As it shows strong pyrogenic activity by a very small amount, its contamination into pharmaceuticals can be a cause of serious adverse events.

- Reagents for quality control
  Endotoxin-detecting reagents: Pyrochrome®, ENDOSPECY®, TOXICOLOR®, etc

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