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Basic Policy on R&D

For the Development of New Pharmaceutical Products Contributing to Health and Fulfilling Life of People

“Contribute to health and fulfilling life of people by developing unique and high-quality pharmaceutical products”: this passion is our fundamental policy. Seikagaku’s basic policy is to engage in develoment of unique pharmaceutical products or medical devices as the R&D-oriented pharmaceutical company focusing on glycoscience, our area of specialization.

Recent advances have shown the deep involvement of glycoconjugates in life phenomena, thus, there is increasing potential for glycoscience in the area of drug discovery. Under a determined R&D strategy, using our expertise in glycoscience, Seikagaku strives to develop and launch unique and high-quality pharmaceutical products through a strengthening capability to develop new drugs, intensive timeline management and joint research/alliances with outside academic organizations, in order to achieve continuous growth as a “Global Category Pharma” as defined in the “Seikagaku Corporation Ten-Year Vision,” established in March 2009.

Major Focus of R&D

Seikagaku pursues efficient R&D activities, involving well-targeted compounds and disease areas, for rapid and continuous generation of new products.

The main target compounds are glycosaminoglycans (GAG). Seikagaku has know-how with regard to drug discovery of GAG and related manufacturing and formulation technologies based on the experience over seventy years.

Drug targets, currently, are not only GAG themselves, like hyaluronic acid, but also modified GAG substances using cross-linked technology and GAG-related substances that work on GAG, such as enzymes or chemical compounds.

The main disease areas include orthopedic disorders and ophthalmic diseases.

R&D Basic Policy and Structure

Licensing Activities (Rapid Expansion of Product Pipeline)

While we strive to speed-up in-house development, we are also keen to introduce development themes from outside research institutes, bioventure companies and pharmaceutical companies. In addition to orthopedic disorders, we target diseases and therapies having high unmet medical needs. We periodically review in-licensing candidates, always seeking balance with the progress of other development themes. We are also working to strengthen our research network in Japan and overseas, as well as to streamline the R&D organizational structure.

Investment in R&D

Seikagaku, while its scale is small compared with major pharmaceutical companies, invests much of its management resources in new drug development by entrusting sales of its products to other companies. This is apparent in the basic policy that 25 to 30% of net sales is invested in R&D expenses each year and one third of all employees is engaged in R&D (about 45% on a non-consolidated basis). Seikagaku continues to emphasize R&D activities as a R&D-oriented pharmaceutical company.

Trends in R&D Expenses

Trends in R&D Expenses

Trends in R&D Personnel

Trends in R&D Personnel

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