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Seikagaku: Quick Overview

3. Our Specialties

Seikagaku Corporation, is not large-scale company, but we has many strengths and unique profile.

Pharmaceutical Company Focusing on Glycoscience

Since its foundation, Seikagaku has focused its attention on the importance of glycoscience and has been working on applied research for new drug development. During this time, we have worked to support related academic societies and symposia, and have created a worldwide network.
The field of glycoscience is a niche field that remains hard for the major pharmaceutical companies to penetrate. Seikagaku, though small, is proud to be an internationally competitive pharmaceutical company that specializes in this special field.

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Continuing to Offer High Quality Products

Seikagaku addressed industrial production of chondroitin sulfate for the first in the world and established its own extraction and purification technologies.
Using these technologies, we led the world in the launch of the joint improving agent, whose main ingredient is hyaluronic acid.

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Business Model Focused on R&D

Seikagaku does not have its own sales force. Instead, we offer our products through sales partners that have strengths in their respective product fields. By maintaining a slim organizational structure, we are able to focus our management resources on R&D and production. This is evidenced by the facts that our R&D expenditures account for about 20% of net sales, and about one-third of our employees are involved in R&D. We intend to retain this business model, keeping our focus on R&D.

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