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Seikagaku: Quick Overview

1. Our Business

The Seikagaku Group works in two business fields: pharmaceuticals and LAL.


Pharmaceuticals · Medical Devices

Product Lineup Developed Based on Research and Development in the Area of Glycoscience

The pharmaceutical products manufactured and sold by Seikagaku contain glycosaminoglycan, a component of glycoconjugates, including hyaluronic acid and chondroitin sulfate, as an API (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient) or utilize enzyme that acts on glycosaminoglycan. Seikagaku aims to make contribution to improve people's Quality of Life by these products.

ARTZ Dispo®25mg Gel-one® OPEGAN Hi®0.85

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HERNICORE®1.25 MucoUp®

Bulk Products

High quality, highly purified. Pharmaceutical ingredients that can be trusted.

Bulk ProductsSeikagaku is the first company to have successfully developed chondroitin sulfate for industrial use in 1950. We have used our unique extraction and purification technologies to produce highly purified, high quality ingredients for more than a half century.

We also manufacture and sell oral care products and a skin cream.


Support for quality control of pharmaceuticals manufacturing and release test

We manufacture and sell endotoxin-detecting reagents made from LAL (Limulus Amebocyte Lysate) etc., to be used for quality control in the manufacturing process of pharmaceuticals and release test and medical devices in Japan and overseas.

●Reagents for quality control
  Endotoxin-detecting reagents: Pyrochrome®, ENDOSPECY®, TOXICOLOR®, etc

We also manufacture and sell oral care products and a skin cream.

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