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Seikagaku will continue to contribute to the health of people around the world through innovative drug discovery focused on glycoscience.

Contributing to medical care in Japan and overseas through the provision of high-quality pharmaceutical products

President & CEO KenMizutani
Ken Mizutani
President & CEO

Over the years, Seikagaku Corporation has propounded and practiced a philosophy of "Contributing to healthful, rewarding living for people around the world by developing innovative, high-quality pharmaceutical products." An approach of emphasizing research and development has imbued Seikagaku since its founding, and the company has steadily built a record of accomplishments and contributed to medical care in Japan and overseas through the development and provision of beneficial pharmaceuticals and medical devices, mainly hyaluronic acid formulations. The discovery in recent years that sugar chains and glycoconjugates have a profound effect on biological phenomena has further increased the potential of glycoscience in the drug-discovery field. This has been Seikagaku's area of specialization for many years, and we will strive to become a company unrivaled in this important field by making the most of our competitive advantage as a pioneer in glycoscience.

Developing into a "Global Category Pharma" with international competitiveness

Worldwide population aging and advances in medical technology have led to the expansion of the pharmaceutical market. At the same time, the pharmaceutical industry is constantly changing due to technological innovation in drug discovery research accompanied with intensified competition in new drug development.
Seikagaku regards this change in the business environment as an excellent opportunity for further dramatic advances and, on the basis of "The Seikagaku Corporation Ten-Year Vision", established in March 2009, we have initiated activities to focus our research and development activities on glycoscience and to develop as a "Global Category Pharma" having international competitiveness. We plan to achieve sustainable growth by discovering new drugs on a constant basis through research activities leading glycoscience. We will also remain keenly aware of our public mission and responsibilities as a pharmaceutical company, strive to ensure management transparency and enhance corporate governance in line with high ethical standards, and continue our untiring efforts to earn and maintain the trust of our stakeholders.

Ken Mizutani
President & CEO
Ken Mizutani


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